Will your pension fund be stranded by climate change? Why not ask them? Find out what they are hiding from you. After all, it’s your money.

Some pension funds are partially divesting of fossil fuel mining companies. Some are decarbonising across all types of high carbon industries. While others are trying to balance their risk by increasing low-carbon investments.

But most are doing nothing. And they have no Plan B.

Ask your fund how they are voting on the climate change resolutions at CBA and ANZ, and obtain answers on how they are managing climate change risk and decarbonising their portfolio by demanding that they disclose to our parent organisation, the Asset Owners Disclosure Project.

Demand that your fund to disclose to our parent organisation, the Asset Owners Disclosure Project, to obtain the answers on how your fund is managing climate risk and decarbonising their portfolio.


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Asset Owners Disclosure Project

The Asset Owners Disclosure Project is the world’s only independent examination of pension and superannuation funds’ management of climate risks and opportunities. The data collected through its annual survey provides pension and superannuation funds (and their members) with valuable insight into the strategies deployed by some of the largest asset owners in the world in relation to climate change. The survey encourages funds to engage in climate change-related issues, often for the first time.


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