Sony Ericsson K550i – Some sort of Intelligent Mobile Place Meant for Sensible Consumers

One more Walkman series phone launched by Sony and Ericsson conglomerate that would cater to the principal market of expressive fun seekers who wish to take pleasure from life in their very own way and style. And in this effort to fulfillment of their dream, the Sony Ericsson model K550i comes as their utmost companion. A new addition to its Walkman phone family – the K550i – includes great quality stereo music and integrates a sharp 1.3 mega pixel camera, full Internet browsing capability, Blue tooth connectivity and a credible games console, all cramming into a compact and stylish swivel phone design of the Sony Ericsson K550i.

Coming in three attractive, appealing colour of vibrant orange, universe blue & orchid white, the telephone boast of several high-end features. It has a messaging feature, video feature and personal tools, to remain connected, to capture personal moments and tools to arrange oneself efficiently and in uncluttered way. Measuring 93 x 46.5 x 22.5 mm and weighing 120 gram, the telephone at first instance gives an awesome turn to its beholder. One feel comfortable holding it. mining truck camera  The keypad is such designed that an individual find easy input and easy to choose individual keys with much spaced out. The phone includes 256 Mbytes of memory which supplies an individual to store music tracks, video recording and photos of their choice.

The main USP of the K550i is the Walkman music player which supplies an individual with clear, sharp sounding music when they seek to listen. Moreover, the stored music and the video may be played and viewed, because of built-in media player in the phone. The consumer gets the entire freedom and command over the phone. They can hear the music out loud through the built-in stereo speakers or utilize the stereo headset for a more private listening experience. Additionally, the PlayNow feature provides him with an instant and simple to use download features. And all he needs to complete would be to push the button twice; first to have online and second to download the merchandise onto the Sony Ericsson K550i. The Sony Ericsson K550i is indeed an intelligent mobile set for intelligent people.

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