Big governments, big business, big global meetings have to-date resulted in great BIG DELAYS in terms of really shifting momentum towards the low-carbon economy. History has shown that the big, the many and the majority are often too unwieldy, too cumbersome or too slow to spark immediate change. What we need, is the influence of a vital few, nimble and purposeful individuals, inspired and empowered to direct concentrated attention towards the real decision-makers. This can unlock an unstoppable chain of action that will bring about the changes we so urgently need.

Our success lies in targeted, collective action from empowered citizen investors just like you….

The right opportunity ---- putting the power back in the hands of fund members who cannot legally be ignored
The right time ---- taking a small individual action today that can unlock history-making global change immediately
The right target ---- reaching the ultimate decision makers of global pension funds to make them accountable
The right ask ---- reducing high-carbon investment and increasing investment in low-carbon assets from <2% to 5%

Send a letter through The Vital Few network and your concerns will be directed straight to the top of the investment chain. Pension funds are legally bound to answer even just 1 letter from a member. If 1 then 10 then 100 then 1000 of us send just 1 letter each, it will pile on the pressure and effectively force disclosure of pension funds’ damaging investment practices.

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By demanding that funds TELL THE TRUTH about what percentage they are currently investing in high-carbon and asking them to hedge climate risk by increasing low-carbon investment from less than 2% to 5%, this will redirect billions of investment dollars and create a tipping point ushering in the low-carbon economy.

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