So, sounds good. What happens next? If you join The Vital Few and take action to send a letter to your fund, how does it all work and what can you expect?

One of the greatest benefits of being part ot The Vital Few is that you get direct access to the decision makers in your pension fund. However, they may respond in a number of ways from superficial and elusive to legitimate and committed. Here’s what to expect. Your fund will either be a:

Did you know?

Fixated on fossil fuels, this fund is so besotted by the allure of short-term returns they deliberately avoid any dialogue about the danger of high-risk, high-carbon investments.

Adopting the herd mentality of resistance, this fund is sitting on the fence waiting for another fund to make the first move.

Cleverly using green wash techniques, such as their commitment to ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) this fund is distracting
your attention from the real material issues.

While politely acknowledging the importance of climate risk and recognizing your serious personal concerns this fund conveniently fails to take any responsibility for the solution.

Fully engaged with evolving their investment process to incorporate climate risk this fund is seeking new and innovative ways to gain high returns, without compromising future prosperity, both financial and environmental.



When you receive an answer from your fund, forward the letter to us at