3 Frequent Indoor Air Quality Concerns

Naturally, both outdoor and indoor air pollution are serious issues and must be managed straight away so any future health complications may be avoided. Indoor air quality, Indoor Air Quality Testing however, is something that individuals have some type of control over and additionally it happens to truly have the biggest impact on us because we spend nearly all of our amount of time in indoor spaces.

There’s no denying that poor indoor air quality and the conditions that may arise as a result could cause Whole Home Air Humidifiers a variety of health complications. Short-term exposure can cause cold-like symptoms, such as for example irritation in the eyes, throat, and nose in addition to headaches and dizziness. Long-term contact with air pollutants can lead to respiratory conditions, cardiovascular disease, and even lung cancer.

Poor Ventilation

It goes without saying that indoor spaces don’t take advantage of the exact same level of natural ventilation as outdoor spaces, Indoor Air Quality which is why it’s easier than you think for mold and contaminants to build up inside. This will make the indoor air feel stale and create issues in the efficiency of one’s HVAC system.

Poor ventilation can also cause a growth in contaminant concentrations that will cause cold-like symptoms. It’s worth noting that, in certain areas, radon exposure can also be a significant concern. Radon gets formed when soil and underground rocks decompose. It can quickly seep into homes through cracks in the foundation.

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