Jet Skis for Sale – Choosing the Right Craft for You

If you are new to the concept of owning a personal water craft like a jet ski, you have to keep several considerations in mind. A brand new Jet Ski costs around $6000 and can easily go up to $12000. So do not make a poor investment Jet ski for sale. Pay careful attention to details and choose the correct craft for your use and enjoyment.

You should keep the following considerations in mind while deciding on the Jet Ski you want to buy.

• Decide on the price range. Calculate your budget keeping in mind the price of the craft, the cost of repair and maintenance, the cost of storing and towing it and the cost of the trailer needed to transport it. If you are buying secondhand, you can generally obtain a good bargain. Haggle a little during these cases, especially if the seller is pressed for space and/or time. However if you are going to use it regularly, it makes sense to buy firsthand.

• Choose the size you want. Jet Skis are made of different sizes. They can be made for one person, two or three or even four persons. It is natural that if you are going skiing with your entire family, you are going to need a four seater craft.

• There are two basic types of models of jet skis. The solo model is one where the rider stands on the craft while in the sports model he can sit down. Solo models are somewhat more difficult to handle. If you are a beginner, you should try out the sports model. The more experienced sailors can go for the solo model.

• You should buy one of the known brands in the market. Kawasaki and Yamaha are the most common while Polaris and Seadoo also manufacture jet skis. Do not opt for unknown brand, regardless how pristine the condition of the craft.

• If you want speed, go for an engine with high horse power.

• The hull of the Jet Ski determines its stability. Broader and longer hulls make for more stable while with long and narrow hulls are fast and flexible. Beginners should opt for stability. So if you are new at this, look for a craft with a broader hull.

• Your instrument must contain the necessary safety features. The most important is the lanyard. It is a device which turns off the ignition if you happen to topple out of your boat.

• Choose the engine power and the acceleration you desire. If the machine is going to be handled by children or inexperienced people, choose one with lower acceleration. On the other hand, if you are planning to tow water tubers or water boarders, you should go for the machines with higher engine power.

• Choose the accessories you want. Some jet skis come with rearview mirrors. Others offer storage compartments and water coolers etc.

• If you are buying secondhand, get a mechanic to check it out. Crafts with low mileage which have not been owned by many different people are preferable. Make sure that all safety features are present and working.

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