Retrofit Inverters: A Smart Way To Power Your Home

Retrofit Inverters: A Smart Way To Power Your Home

Have you been thinking about an easier and smarter way to power your home or improve your energy storage system? The new retrofit inverters from SAJ can help you upgrade the already existing on-grid system into an energy storage one.. Unlike other products, SAJ retrofit inverters are compatible with all inverter brands and can be integrated into the existing system without any hassle.

Your Reliable Retrofit Inverter Manufacturer — SAJ

With over 17 years of inverter manufacturing experience, SAJ has become a top-notch high-tech enterprise in China. SAJ is devoted to developing motor drive and control technology, renewable energy conversion, transmission and storage solutions. SAJ continuously offers advanced distributed solar inverters, storage hybrid solar inverters, retrofit energy storage systems, general frequency drives, smart pump drives, solar pumping systems, control systems for smart adjustable desks, and monitoring platform.

Why SAJ AS1 Series Retrofit Inverter Are Your Optimal Choice To Power Your Home

Specifically created for household retrofit projects, the SAJ AS1-3KS-5.1 is an AC retrofit storage system with an internal 5.1kWh lithium battery and AC coupling inverter. The SAJ AS1 series can transform existing grid-connected systems into energy storage systems. Besides, customers can increase storage capacity with the extensible SAJ B1 battery in addition to the AS1 series itself. The SAJ AS1 series not only supports UPS, switching time less than10ms but also supports fast charging and fast discharging of batteries. The AS1 series has a variety of application modes, including self-consumption mode, time-of-use mode, and backup mode, to meet different user needs. What’s more, the AS1 series has no external fans and operates quietly without disturbing your comfortable life.


With more and more households eager to build up a green, smart and efficient environment, energy storage products grow in popularity. The SAJ AS1 can satisfy the needs of clients who want to upgrade their on-grid solar system into a storage system, enhancing their energy independence and self-consumption. SAJ retrofit energy storage system is an innovative solution for your solar plant. It’s a smart way to save money and increase your energy efficiency. For households looking to cut their carbon footprint and save money on their energy bills, SAJ AS1 series is a fantastic choice.











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